Aleksey Naumchik

Aleksey Naumchik (b. 1983) is photographer and visual artist, lives and works in Minsk, Belarus. Aleksey works on long-term photo- projects since 2008 (and on the installations as well). The main topics the artist is interesting in are: daily archive, criticism of political state, urban space, control and sexuality.


2012 - "Postfilmia", Visual Arts Gallery NOVA, Minsk, BY. Co-author Anton Sorokin, audio artist

2012 - "YOU ARE NOT ALONE, SISTA!", Frank Mandeville Gallery, Toronto, CA. Co-author Anna Zhin


2016 - PRAFOTA award finalists, CECH, Minsk, BY

2015 - "USE ShTO CVERDAE RASTAE U PAVETRI ", Maksim Bagdanovich Museum , Minsk, BY

2015 - "Measurements of Emptiness ", Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art, Minsk, BY

2015 - Exhibition "BY NOW", ifa-Galerie Stuttgart, Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen, Stuttgart, DE

2014 - Exhibition "BY NOW", ifa-Galerie Berlin, Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen, Berlin, DE

2013 - Exhibition "BY NOW", CECH gallery, Minsk, BY

2013 - Exhibition "BY NOW", OFF Piotrkowska gallery, Lodz, PL

2012 - "Festival of Street Photography", Museum and Public Center Andrei Sakharov, the Center of Documentary photography "FOTODOC", Moscow, RU

2009 - "Archives of time", cinema "Pobeda", Minsk, BY

2008 - "Minsk photos. Citizens", Visual Arts Gallery NOVA, Minsk, BY


2015 - Book "PRAFOTA", Minsk, BY / ISBN 978-609-95360-9-5

2014 - "Mastactva" Magazine №07, Minsk, BY

2014 - Book, photo album "Creative Photography in Belarus", pub. "Artiya Group", Minsk, BY

2013 - "BY NOW" Contemporary photography from Belarus, edited by Mattias Harder. KEHRER Verlag Heidelberg Berlin, DE / ISBN 978-3-86828-409-6

2013 - "Photonews" Magazine (Zeitung fuer Fotografie), Februar ' 13, DE

2009 - "Marshrutki", self-published, Minsk, BY

2008 - "Minsk photography. The citizens", Minsk, BY / ISBN 978-985-6908-04-3


2015 - Bird In Flight

2015 - The Calvert Journal

2014 - FK Magazine

2014 - DW


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