Aleksey Naumchik


I have no choice so I plop down into the only free spot and despite all of my expectations, the driver doesn't jerk away from the stop right as the door is closed: "Thanks".

"Can I get change from a 10?"

"Is it OK if I stand?"

"How much is it to Vesnyanka?"

You get used to everything as time passes, even to the fact that you have to spend 15-20 minutes a day just to get somewhere. Riding to work from home, to classes from work, to Koltsova, to the train station, to friends - it doesn't matter where. This time cannot be devoted to yourself - you automatically become a part of other people's trips.

"Please pass my fare to the driver"

"Vanya, did u take your passport?"

From the window: sidewalk on the right, another minibus is passing us on the left, the outskirts, subway stations, the green line bus, and from out of nowhere you get a shake from the tram lines…. It's time to get off:

"Next stop, please."

Minsk, 2009