Aleksey Naumchik

SPRING (in progress)

The founding idea of this series of photographs is the emergence of an inexplicable triggers of energy flows which come with spring time, or what can also be described as moments of surfacing of a sexual passion without a sexual object. From my puberty, the first very subtle reminder of the vitality and awakening which occurs in spring was the scent of barberry bushes that bloom in early May. They seemed to distribute a ghostly smell of the male semen. Should we approach spring directly, it is impossible not to notice the hidden in the night eroticism of the blooming flora. Caught by surprise, exposed young bud tends to escape from the growing tension by bursting out into a bloom. Do I myself, as an artist, assign these qualities to spring time bound by the cultural context or am I just following my own path of reasoning? Or are these processes really inherent in nature and magically function through the living organisms? This remains a question. Subtle, earthly, delicate bodily energy awakens and intertwines with scents and forms of the coming spring. Everything soaks in the rhythm of night city blooming, full of melody of flirt and growing vitality of people. 2015

As part of the exhibition "USE ShTO CVERDAE RASTAE U PAVETRI", Maksim Bagdanovich Museum, Minsk, BY. 2015