Aleksey Naumchik

WE'LL NEVER GET OLDER 2009-2014 (Book in progress)

"We'll never get older
And that's what we're afraid of"


This series of photographs - based on the lives of my friends - is partially a psychological portrait of mine shaped by the environment that feels like a family. Initially, I was not intending to capture a particular scene, or create a series. I was not looking for anything predetermined. At times, I just knew that the photograph needs to be taken. At the point of rupture, intensity - I felt it. It was only later when I reflected on why I was taking the photographs and what questions I was asking by making this work. It had been more than three years from the time I first took the picture of my friends’ life (which is intimately linked to mine) till the emergence of this series of photographs. Throughout the days reflected in the series we all seemed to be on the same wavelength, at a common existential point, with a common unspoken question: What is happening to us?

I do not treat these works as a documentation of a particular experience - for it is life as it unfolded rather than the experiences to be pinned down. The series is a sensual and emotional journey of the people, If not of the whole my generation, but then of the people who surround me. Of the people who’s motto became full-fledged We will never get older.

Minsk, 2014