Aleksey Naumchik

Zybitskaya street

Zybitskaya Street is a historical place in the Minsk center by the river, which in the past constantly suffered from flooding. Since 2015 when the street was rebuilt and a lot of bars were opened on it Zybitskaya has become a kind of Mecca for everyone who wishes to celebrate a whole night holiday. People with different wealth, social status, with different goals but with the same desire to connect to the growing energy of uncontrolled frenzy crowded street. After many centuries Zybitskaya is still flooded - but already not with the water of Svisloch River, but with the stream of alcohol, seething blood, flirting and lust.

In order to tell about this social phenomenon I printed own photographs taken at Zybitskaya Street. Then I modified them with the help of developer of own compounding: alcohol (vodka, beer, tequila, etc.); sperm; saliva; rivers water; breast milk; menstrual blood; ets. Some of the prints I took with me to the street and processed them with fluids that I found directly on the street.